Board of Directors

President Director :  Dr. dr. Jimmy Panelewen, Sp.B-KBD

Director of Medical and Nursing : dr. Iwan Abdul Rachman, SpAn.,KNA., M.Kes

Director of Operational Services : dr. Andry Chandra, MARS

Director of Planning and Finance : Herry Rukmana

Director of Human Resources, Education and Research : dr. Fitra Hergyana, Sp.DV., MH.Kes



Hasan Sadikin General Hospital was established in 1923 under the name “Het Algemeene Bandoengsche Ziekenhuijs”. In 1927 its name was changed into “Het Gemeente Ziekenhuis Juliana”. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as a military hospital under the name of “Rigukun Byoin”. Since the Indonesian independence, it has been well know as “Ranca Bandak Hospital”

In 1954 it was appointed as the Technical Implementing Unit of Health Ministry, Republic of Indonesia responsible direclty to Director General of Medical Care. In 1956 it was designated as a general hospotal with 600 bed capacity. Since the esablished of medical Faculty of Padjajaran University in 1n 1957, it has been assigned as teaching hospital for the student of Medical Faculty.

In 1967 its name changed into dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital. The hospital was named after a doctor who passed away during his services term of the director of the hospital, namely dr. Hasan Sadikin.

From financial management point of view, the status of Hasan Sadikin General Hospital has been changed several times giving more flexibility and autonomy in managing hospital revenue and expenditure. Since january 2006, it has been designated as a hospital applying the Finance Management of Public Service Institution.

As a calss A and the biggest hospital in West Java (soon will be a National Hospital Refferal), Hasan Sadikin General Hospital has a funtion as a top referral hospital for tertiary health services in the province and national center of excellence in Nuclear Medicine, Presently, its hospital with 996 beds could provide a wide range of services comprising with 20 medical specialties and 125 sub specialities.


Your Health is Our Priority


  1. Government owned hospital
  2. Under and directly responsible to the Directorate Gereral of Health Care Ministry
  3. Class A
  4. Teaching Hospital
  5. Top Refferal Hospital for West Java Province (soon will be national refferal)
  6. National Center of Excllence for Nuclear Medicine
  7. The only Educational Center for Nuclear Medicine Specialist in Indonesia


  1. Medical Specialties
  2. Internal medicine
  3. Obstetric & Gynecology
  4. Pediatric
  5. General surgery
  6. Neurological surgery
  7. Orthopedic
  8. Oral surgery
  9. Neurology
  10. Ear Nose and Throat
  11. Anesthesiology & Reanimation
  12. Physical medicine & rehabilitation
  13. Skin & Venereal
  14. Dentistry
  15. Psychiatric
  16. Radiology
  17. Clinical Pathology
  18. Anatomic Pathology
  19. Nuclear Medicine
  20. Forensic
  21. Clinical Pharmacology

Special Services

  1. Assisted Reproduction Technique
  2. Cardiac Center
  3. Endoscopic Surgery
  4. Executive General Check Up
  5. Osteoporosis Detection Clinic
  6. Lupus Clinic
  7. Methadone Maintenance Therapy Clinic
  8. HIV/AIDS (Teratai Clinic)
  9. Allergy Testing Clinic
  10. Geriatric Ward
  11. Hemodialysis Unit.
  12. Urology Center
  13. Integrated Chemotherapy Unit
  14. Snoring Clinic
  15. Biomolecular  Laboratory